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6th October 1998.

No. 1

Welcome to the very first flume news page. If you yet don't know who flume are then check out the biography and music samples pages. If you do then read on and find out what we've been doing!

Well, time has certainly been flying by since we started the band but we been working our arses off and much progress has been made and now we are ready to introduce ourselved to the world. There are six song completed to date. Check out the words on the Lyrics pages. In May/June we went into TOG studio, Oxfordshire and recorded two of these songs: Some Time and On My Own. These will shortly be released as a two-track CD Single. More details will be announced soon, (see Merchandise).

On September 2nd we played an unannounced, low-key support gig to test the our tunes on the unsuspecting public. We performed a 20-minute set of five songs (On My Own, Easy, Some Time, Sweet and Believe). The reaction we are pleased to say was very positive and we can now announce that our first official gig will take place on October 31st (see Gig/Tour Dates ) and following that we are looking to play at least half a dozen more in quick succession. We are keen to receive any gig offers and hear suggestions of good venues to play.

We are very keen to get as much feedback as possible on all flume related topics: Tell us what you want on this web site; where you want us to play; what you think we sound like; any questions you want answered; etc. etc. Send us your name, address and email and will put you on our mailing list. (see contacts) You can contact flume via email: or by good old fashioned pen and paper at 75 Hugh Allen Crescent, Marston, Oxford, OX3 0HL. U.K.