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1st August 1999.

No. 7

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Loads has changed since you last read this, so read on.

A BIG sorry to anyone who came to see the Alleycat gig on Wednesday 21st July. At 4pm on the afternoon before the gig I received a call from the promotions man there, Alex Mann, to say the Alleycat has temporarily stopped all bands until further notice and that the gig would have to be rescheduled. It later turned out that the Alleycat has had a management change and they are looking at re-launching the whole venue! I managed to catch the band and a few friends before we all left but it was impossible to catch everyone. We were due to headline over two signed bands as well! Never mind. Check out the Gig/Tour news for the new dates and other gigs coming up. We are hard at work getting some covers worked out for the "Your Song" gig at The Point on the 21st August. It should be a great evening and one worth a listen, 7 bands all playing covers with a time limit of 15 minutes each….MAD!

Check out the Pictures page for some shots of us playing live at the Waterside in Newbury courtesy of Barry at BURBS, thanks mate! We all had a great night, Barry came down from Hertfordshire to see us and brought a couple of friends with him from Milton Keynes who play in a band called "Reamer". They enjoyed the show and we will be arranging a gig in Oxford with them supporting and a gig with us supporting them in Milton Keynes. Again watch the Gigs/tours page for more info!

We have started playing a couple of the new songs live and they have been going down really well, let us know what you think, go to the contacts page and mail us. There has also been talk of some more recording in Autumn, we will keep you posted.

Don’t forget the gig at The Pit on Friday the 20th August. This will be our warm up before Your Song and we hope to see you all there. That’s enough from me, sorry about the spelling at the top, I am only a drummer after all!!