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5th October 1999.

No. 9

Welcome to Flume News

Everyone is back from their travels and we are hard at work again. It really does feel great to be playing together again after a couple of weeks break.

We now have completed the remixing work on Believe and this is now available for download from our Music Samples page. This is currently a website exclusive and the only way you can get to hear this song. Believe me (pun intended), its well worth the download time. Let us know what you think of it.

We went back to our favourite sturdio, TOG recently to record some live instrumental versions of the songs Infinate, Bench, Easy, and Provide. This was a quick 3-hour session and should be the basis of pre-production for our next major recording session which is scheduled for early in the new year.

We have a couple of gigs now lined up for October and certainly hope to get a few more in during the final run in to the new Millenium. (Check out the Gig Page for details). We would especially like to get some gigs further afield. Any offers or recommendations would be gratefully recieved.

Just released from the BURBS organisation is BURBS Too! the second compilation CD that they have released featuring unsigned bands. Flume are included on this new CD. Track three is On My Own. You can now buy this CD online direct at

Until next month,