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January 2001.

No. 16

Happy New Year and welcome,

Ollie: At last we are back. 1000 apologies to everyone for not having updated this sooner but things just kept getting in the way. Not least nearly losing everything on my Hard Drive in a spot of Computer Trouble! I am still not able to edit these web pages properly but hopefully I have gotten around these problems and this page all appears OK once it is up on the web.

Anyway the Good News is that our new 4-track E.P. is finally finished. Titled ".... With A View" it is now exclusively available through at the top value price of £3.99. You can also download two sample tracks (Provide & Easy). The full track list is 1. Provide, 2. Easy, 3. Infinite, 4. Bench. The link is Please check out our site there and listen to the tracks (or buy the CD) and give us a review! We need your help to boost our ratings!

To this end we've also bombarded the press and radio with copies of this CD so keep your eyes and ears open for mentions, reviews and playbacks and if you do see or hear anything then drop us an email and let us know in case we've missed it.

Until next time, Cheers,


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