Ollie: What I love about this song is its simplicity. It not only sounds great electric but also acoustically when it has a surprisingly different feel.

Bob: Having moved back from Oxford in the autumn of 1996 I wrote the main riff and the first verse, as it is now, sat at the top of the stairs of the house I was living in. The rest of the song was written two years later after 'Some Time', 'On My Own', 'Sweet' and 'Easy' had been written. 'Believe' came together pretty quickly. The Chorus came from a jam at a rehearsal developing ideas Ollie and I were throwing at each other. Ollie wrote the third verse then I wrote the second (in that order!).

Nick: This is a song that is close to my heart for its energy and modern feel. It was also the first song we all worked on together. When I joined Ollie and Bob had written the first four songs (On My Own, Some Time, Easy and Sweet). Believe was a breath of fresh air after having played the other four so many times! It has youth, excitement and a real rhythm about it. One of Bob's classic riffs, could be a hit!