Ollie: I think this song came together from a jam Bob and I had at the end of an early practice. It just grew out of the opening riff fairly easily (groan!) although it has had a bit of fine tuning since. When I listen to this song I just get this good time summer feeling and that's where the lyric ideas came from. Nostalgia oozes through its veins! Lately it has become a big live favourite with audiences.

Bob: I think the main riff to this song developed from an outro idea Ollie and I were fiddling around with. It may have even been from 'Sometime'. I love Ollie's lyrics as I can relate to them so much myself. I think with its slightly oriental feel it definitely has a 'summer' feel to it. There's nothing clever about this song, it just grooves along. It pleasantly surprises me that it is a lot of peoples' favourite song when they come to see us.