Ollie: This was one of our awkward songs in that it was kicking around for ages but somehow the arrangement just wasn't quite right. We feel we've got it now, hopefully you'll agree. This is a song of adoration with a rocking vibe!

Bob: This song is in strong competition with ‘Sweet’ in terms of how long it took to finally finish it and play it live. The origin of this song comes from some ideas we were messing about with at a rehearsal in the summer of 1998 in Benson, which is where we record. The music came together in no time; it was the arrangement of the song that took us months to decide upon. Nick’s main contribution was the idea for the pre-choruses. The riff of the song, I think, is classic and came from me fiddling around and then Ollie backtracking me. It reminds me of early ACDC especially the way it comes together when the drums and bass jump in. The lyrics are very early Ollie: a little surreal. I feel this is well represented in the first verse.