Ollie: This was the first song Bob and I wrote together as Flume and was originally played a lot slower. The speed came from Nick and changed the feel of the song dramatically. It was only when we recorded the song at TOG for the CD that we made the final decision to keep it uptempo. Probably because of its pace it is a song we've often opened with at gigs. Our shortest song.

Bob: The 'groove' to this song reminds me slightly of the Earth Machine days. It was the first riff I wrote since that band split up. The chorus was inspired by Ollie's Bass line. Ollie penned the lyrics from a vocal idea I had.  My favourite part is the middle 8 where I use this funky little orange effects pedal called an MXR PHASE 90. That bit really rocks and always makes me smile on stage. If you listen closely to the recording you'll hear a sneaky bit of wah-pedal in that bit and a third guitar in the third verse.