Ollie: Very much a song with punk spirit and a great catchy chorus. It's got everything but the kitchen sink, even a key change towards the end. I love playing it live as its full-on balls to the wall!

Bob: I wrote the Chorus for this one in about twenty seconds. Only one chord has changed since. I had just been on the 'phone to Nick (chatting about music naturally) I picked up the acoustic and literally bashed out the lyrics and chords there and then. I think it was inspired partly through what I was going through at the time personally, plus what Nick and I had discussed about different rhythms on the telephone. I could instantly hear a classic Ollie bass line behind the chorus which inspired me to write. I came up with a verse later that day. The vocal melody (and lyrics) we kept but the music on the verse we replaced with what there is now. Ollie and Nick pretty much came up with the verse at one rehearsal and it just chuggs! The middle eight, the three of us just jammed together over two or three rehearsals. It's always a good one to try and get right live when you messing about on stage - especially with the key modulation at the end of it!

Nick: This song kicks arse. A very special song, which, had a lot of input from me with Bob and Ollie using my ideas, no matter how simple they were. All you drummers out there will confirm it can be difficult to convey your ideas in a fashion that string players will understand. A heavy influence of punk and a healthy amount of speed and energy make this song and we all love playing it. It's good to look up and see the band really grooving along to it.