Ollie: This came from a classic B.L. riff. The lyrics were inspired directly by the situation we were in, starting a new band that was coming together so quickly and it just felt so good. We spent many hours working on the arrangement before we finally settled on its current form. I think of it as a 'big sound' song. When we recorded it was great to be able to mix together all the different textures; the layered vocals, the different guitar sounds and the extra percussion, though in hindsight I do think the levels on some of the backing vocals are a bit high.

Bob: The opening riff to this song I wrote early in the summer of 1996. It was a variation on an idea I had beforehand. I had just moved to Oxford and bought myself a new half decent acoustic and was tuning up the strings when I came up with it pretty much as it is now. The rest of the song came about at one of Ollie's and my jam sessions. I came up with the vocal melody almost instantly and Paul wrote the lyrics and practically the whole chorus shortly afterwards. It was the first song we played as a band (with Nick on Drums) at our first rehearsal on 5th April 1998.