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1st December 1999.

No. 11

Welcome to Flume News,

(If you don't know who Flume are yet then check out the biography and music samples pages. If you know the score then read on and find out what's been happening!)

So the year is drawing to a close and a new Millenium looms nearer. It's been a good year for the Flume too. We made lots of new friends and fans and played at more venues in more towns. We recorded a new track 'Believe' which we've made available through the web. We've increased the traffic to this website and picked up some good reviews and comments along the way.

Unfortunately some of the bands we have played with, have since passed away, (Hepworth, Callous & Stack), as have some of the venues we've played, (The Dolly & The Alleycat). Goodbye and good luck to everyone involved, (and to any we've missed out). We will remember you.

Looking to the future, there is plenty to look forward to, not least the planned release of a 4-track EP. The recording fund is looking pretty healthy now and we should be entering the studio early next year. Some Flume stickers should be available in January too, plus we already have gigs booked up in Hungerford and Wantage for January, both new areas for us.

This month I've been doing a minor renovation of the website. Making sure everything is up to date and adding a few new bits here and there such as the Old News section where you can look at past newsletters. There quite a few new photos added this month too, so check those out. As I've learnt from past experience though, sometimes the odd mistake slips in, so if you find one, or a broken link, please let me know.

Believe this month becomes available through the BURBs website as well as our own. You'll also find it in on the BURBs radio playlist and in the BURBs soundroom competition. Please try and get to the soundroom and give us your vote. Last time we were in a BURBs soundroom competition we came second so let's see if we can beat that this time!

So to everyone who's been to a gig, bought a CD, downloaded a track, or just visited the website. A big thank you to you all for your support. Wishing you a Rocking Christmas, roll on new year!

Until next year,






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