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STOP PRESS 'BELIEVE' to be released on Oxford Compilation CD. More Details Soon.

1st February 2000.

No. 12

Welcome to Flume News,

(If you don't know who Flume are yet then check out the biography and music samples pages. If you know the score then read on and find out what's been happening!)

Ollie: Happy New Millennium! The month of January has already passed away and I've just had no time to update the website until now. Apologies to you all. It's all been happening at Ollie's house. Flu came for Christmas this year, follow by a case of DIY dementia. Finally the heating packed up, leaving me cold and huddled over a candle for warmth! But enough of me, lets talk about Flume. This month Nick gives you the News . . .

Nick: Looking back Flume had a great year in 1999. We have broke new ground with our live performances spanning across most of Oxfordshire and even breaking into Wiltshire and Berkshire. As a band we are performing at our best and really playing the songs how they should be played, with feeling and soul. This has been reflected by the crowds who have come to see us.

To date we have recorded three songs, "On my Own", "Some Time" and "Believe". Although Believe, is not on general release at the moment, it has had some great reviews in the music press and has brought us Artist of the month on the BURBS web site. We have managed to sell all but a few of the "Flume ... the hell are you?" CD's so if you want a copy, be quick to put your order in on the merchandise page.

If you didn’t know by now we are preparing for our biggest project yet! Our four favourite songs "Infinite", "Easy", "Bench" and "Provide" are due to be saved in stone, (put down in the studio). Yep, 4 whole days at T.O.G. studios in Oxfordshire starting on the 3rd of February, (I don’t think Mike (the owner) knows what he’s got himself into!)

We have a couple of great Gigs to look forward to which were spin-offs from our last two live performances both are well into the year, 9th March at the Swan in Wantage and the 18th of July at the Railway Tavern in Hungerford.

So to everyone who's been to a gig, bought a CD, downloaded a track, or just visited the website, don’t stop!! We do value your support!

Until next time

Nick .




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