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9th May 2000.

No. 15

Welcome to Flume News,

(If you don't know who Flume are yet then check out the biography and music samples pages. If you know the score then read on and find out what's been happening!)

Ollie: Not much news to tell this month but I'm in joyous mood because Oxford United have survived the threat of relegation to Division Three. Congratulations to them. I even persuaded Bob to come and watch a match with me! He says he enjoyed it!

We have a gig at The Swan, Wantage this month on Thursday 18th May so come along if you can, admission is free and it is a great little venue well worth checking out if you've never been there.

On the studio front we are now at the mixing stage of 'With A View' so progress is certainly being made. By the end of this month it should be close to being finished. Also we've been busy working on designs for the artwork for the CD and have got a cracking design including a possible new Flume logo.

In rehearsal we've got a new song well on the way, which has basically come together from a few jam sessions. Its got a great bouncy feel to it (and some cool basslines, obviously!).

Until next time, Cheers,


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