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No. 17

Ollie: At last, we finally have our own domain name, flumeland, so don't forget to change your links to us in favourites/bookmarks etc. Flumeland is the home of Flume where you can find out what we've been up to.

Anyway the Good News is that our 4-track E.P. is finished. Titled ".... With A View" it is now available through at the top value price of 3.99. You can also download two sample tracks (Provide & Easy). The full track list is 1. Provide, 2. Easy, 3. Infinite, 4. Bench. The link is Please check out our site there and listen to the tracks (or buy the CD) and give us a review! We need your help to boost our ratings! Our ".... The Hell Are You?" CD single is still available from us on the merchandise page, or you can order them both together as a package through the Burbs website

Also we have been putting together a demo version of 'Sweet' a track which has not so far been released. We taken a 'live in the studio' instrumental version of the song and have added all the vocals using my home studio unit. The results were pretty damn good and it has given me the determination to record some more 'demos' soon. The next one of these will hopefully be 'Performance'. And we will make these tracks available to you soon.

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