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8th April 2000.

No. 14

Welcome to Flume News,

(If you don't know who Flume are yet then check out the biography and music samples pages. If you know the score then read on and find out what's been happening!)

Ollie: Whoa, late again, here we are in April already and I'm finally getting this month's newsletter together. The days are getting warmer and the nights are getting brighter in dear old blighty and it makes me feel soooo good!

Bob's back from his snowboarding now and still all in one piece! and we're busy working again. The main agenda for this month is to finish all the studio work for our coming EP, though I must stress this is more of a threat than a promise! We are keeping at it though and the most important thing is to make sure it kicks arse! This week we spent an evening session in TOG working on vocals and the short session approach was very productive. We have another evening session booked for next week. An hopefully after that we will be getting close to the mixing stage. Either that or we will be bankrupt! (Please send donations to the address below!). And keep patient we'll get there.

This month we also have a gig at The Jericho, Walton Street, on Friday 28th April. It will be our first gig back in Oxford since November last year. It is basically an 'LSCD' promotion gig (The compiliation CD featuring our track 'Believe' which was released in February), (See last months news). Support comes from two other bands also featured on the CD,  Atomika and our old mates Five Mile Drive. It should be a good night, we'd love to see you down there.

We also have a couple of gigs booked up already for the next couple of months so check our the gig guide to find out about them.

Until next time, Cheers,





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